My dear friend Shae, who has started to fill an unofficial mentor role for me as he is my guide down this path I find myself on, has invited me to go with him to Detroit this weekend. We’re going to be going on a road trip to an energy workers meeting and ritual. I’m excited and terrified. I’m still so shaky in all of this. Like a newborn still learning how to walk. I’m not sure where I’m going or if I even honestly believe in any of this, but I trust my instincts to keep me headed in the right direction. And I trust Shae to not lead me astray.

On a side note, this will be the closest I’ll have ever been to the Canadian border. That’s super cool. :D

And so it begins. I have decided to venture back into the world of tumblr once more. After a long hiatus, deleting my kink blog and archiving my survivor blog, I’ve decided it’s time I make myself a place I can send my thoughts out into the void again. So here I am. Hello world.